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GNSS opportunities in railways

06 / 06 / 2016
Ended: 2016-08-25 14:00:00


The India team organised a round table meeting on GNSS opportunities in railways, which took place on the 25th August 2016 in Taj Banjara, Hyderabad, India. The aim of the event was to raise awareness for the services offered by the project in establishing joint activities between the EU and India. The event was focused on GNSS opportunities in railways. activities

The programme agenda included presentations by Mr. Varadarajan Krish, the Project Manager of India on objectives & prospects of the project and the GNSS EU-India market scenario for railways. A further presentation was held by Dr. Suresh Kibe, the Technical Expert & Ex-Director of ISRO for the GAGAN system. The presentations were followed by an interactive Q&A session on the GNSS industry, technology, and opportunities, moderated by Mr. Varadarajan Krish. The session brought forth discussions on GNSS signals in difficult urban environments, atmospheric conditions, and their effects on the speed of GNSS signals and academic research.


The event gathered around 30 participants from industry, governmental agencies, and academia to exchange valuable knowledge from the discussions and presentations and network in the most relaxed atmosphere. The event was able to meet the objectives of bringing together some of the industrial and institutional players to mutually discuss insights on the current opportunities for GNSS downstream cooperation. It also proved to be a good setting to share up-to-date EGNSS market information in India, raise awareness for the services of the project and the success stories so far. Mr Chandrashekar Reddy, engineer from PDAC Microsysyems Pvt Ltd., Ms. Swetha Rapolu, Branch Manager of Asim Navigation India Pvt ltd and Mr Mohammed Mahmood Khano of H-MOS TECHNOLOGIES expressed their special gratitude for opening the discussion on the role of GNSS in the future of Indian railways.