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Webinar “Using GNSS Technology (Galileo and NavIC)”

03 / 06 / 2020
Ended: 2020-06-12 16:30:00
online Presents a webinar on, “Using GNSS Technology (Galileo and NavIC)” by Dr. Anindya BOSE (Senior Scientific Officer, The Burdwan University)

Concept: In a Multi-GNSS constellations environment, India is located in a typical geographical region, where signals from all constellations are available for use enhancing benefits to the users. Galileo and NavIC are respectively a global and regional satellite-based navigation system controlled by civilian authorities. Both have use cases aiming towards mass-market applications in the Asian region that have large GNSS business potential over the next decade.

The webinar will present the advantages and differentiators of the individual constellations and how Galileo-NavIC hybrid operation may extend enhanced benefits for the users situated within the service region.

Content: Basic geolocation concept, Galileo and NavIC Constellation structure and differentiators, Multi-GNSS signal environment from India, Galileo and NavIC visibility from India, Galileo+NavIC hybrid operation- advantages Signal in Space volume, geometry, solution quality, Potential application areas, Compact low-cost Galileo and Navic enabled devices for application development, Handheld Android-based devices for Galileo and NavIC

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